Friday, August 19, 2005


Hydrogen in your future?

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Although commonly associated with "big oil", the republican party seems to be leading the way for hydrogen infrastructure development. California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger drives a hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered Hummer, and the Bush administration has pledged more than $1 billion for fuel-cell R&D. Last November, a Shell station in Washington, D.C. added a hydrogen-fuel dispenser alongside its gasoline pumps selling H2 for $1.99/kg (with 1kg H2 producing about the same amount of energy as a gallon of gasoline). Along the way to a hydrogen infrastructure, there will most likely be debates on the best method to produce H2, the best ways of storing H2 and also the best way of using H2 (fuel cell or internal combustion). Take the jump to theWatt for more.

I think $1.99/kg for H2 is very cheap. A recent project done by yours truly (and others here at theWatt) shows that it's probably more like $14/kg, of course it depends on how the H2 is made.

Your link for the hydrogen cost analysis is dead.
Oh crap...I can't even find the document now. I'll have to ask around.
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